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Massachusetts Certified Appraisers and insurance info

While Massachusetts was able to make some strides with motorcycle insurance this year, the interpretation and institution of the changes by the industry is not what we expected.
 So... in light of this.... a heads up!! Be informed and read on.....................

For Stated Value... GET AN APPRAISAL!!!




Effective January 1, 2003 there were some changes in the Massachusetts auto insurance that pertains to motorcycles.  Policies may now be written with a stated amount, however, the industry has taken a stance with regard to this change as follows:

In the absence of a written certified appraisal; they will take the actual cash value of the bike, which could most likely be considerably less than what the "real" value of the motorcycle is.

 We can no longer arbitrarily pick a figure out of the air and insure the bike for that amount without documentation.  For that reason, I strongly suggest that you obtain a "CERTIFIED APPRAISAL" for your motorcycle and provide your agent with copies of receipts for any additions and upgrades made to the bike too.

 The cost of an appraisal starts at about $200.00.............

 Remember; if you've done a ton of custom work to your bike, and the company does not have a certified appraisal documenting the value of your bike in hand, you could possibly lose out in the event of a loss; so kindly get one to your agent along with pictures and receipts.

Insurance companies are in the habit of paying the lesser of amounts in the event of a claim; so make sure you insure your bike properly.

 If you have any questions, please call me in the office, thank you.
 Ride Safe Be Safe… Keep your motorcycle safe!!
 Below are names of appraisers in the area:


Richard Beecoff

First Appraisal Service Peabody MA. 978-531-4461 Richard is a licensed appraiser specializing in motorcycles, is fair and knows his stuff. He rides and knows bikes . Tell him I sent you!    
email:    web:  


Home & Auto Appraisal Bureau

42 Freeport Street Dorchester MA. 02122 ph: 617-288-0172 or 617-288-0174 Licensed for both home and auto  with 6 locations in Massachusetts Dorchester, MA -  Malden, MA  - Quincy, MA -  West Roxbury, MA - Avon, MA  - Brighton, MA
email:    website:­


Lenny Schaeffer

Chop Shop Customs 781-939-5660(home  8:00 AM until7:00 PM ) . Lenny also offers 24 hour turnaround and damage appraisals and  used to ride. He specializes in custom and modified vehicles- he does trucks, auto and bikes. He can even do on site (at an event) appraisals. Limited to 3 each event.
 People get $25 off if they mention LISTER INSURANCE agency as well.He has been in the restoration and customization business 20 years He knows bikes. tell him I sent you!!  
email:  web:


Rob DeGallo

781-331-0113. Looking for an appraiser to evaluate your custom bikes? For State Value,   or for insurance purposes, not a problem.
Email:  web:


Robert W. Callanan

93 Meridian Street Melrose MA. 02176 781-665-2165 Bob is a licensed appraiser and is very knowledgeable of motorcycles.

Classic Car Services Inc. of Cape Cod

•405 West Main Street Hyannis, MA. 02601 508-727-1970

Each of these appraisers are real familiar with custom values and know the value of parts and customizing.Tell each of them that I sent you, and they'll take great care of you!



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